Absolicon X10 PVT

Electricity and heating in the same solar energy system

The PVT model produces thermal heat up to 75°C and solar electrical power, 230 V.  The installation produces a high rate of energy efficiency and options for upgrading with new technology.

Our solar concentrator technology is based on over 20 years of Swedish research. By focusing the light on high-efficiency photovoltaic cells, hot water and electricity is generated in the same system. The Absolicon X10 PVT is patented and covered by warranties that are customized for each business.

Advantages - X10 PVT

* Electricity and heat in the same system
* Options for upgrading photovoltaic cells
* No risk of overheating
* Wind-secure location

Absolicon solar collectors are adapted for larger buildings, industrial applications and businesses with major energy needs all year round. We have a lot of experience delivering turnkey solar energy systems that can generate the energy that the purchaser needs, now and in the future.

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