Solar collectors with solar concentrator technology

Absolicon solar collectors concentrate the suns rays, a technique the provides many unique benefits. We offer three models, but each system installed is tailored to our customer’s specific energy needs. We have a lot of experience delivering turnkey solar energy systems that can generate the energy that the purchaser needs, now and in the future.  The solar collectors are adapted for larger buildings, industrial applications and businesses with major energy needs all year round.

One system – several advantages:

Absolicon T160

The MT10 model produces high temperatures and is designed to run industrial processes. Absolicon MT10 generates solar heat and solar steam up to 160°C.

Absolicon X10 PVT

By focusing the light on high-efficiency photovoltaic cells, hot water and electricity are generated in the same system. The PVT model produces thermal heat up to 75°C and electricity at 230 V. Currently, this variant is not in production.

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