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Solar Heat
for Desalination

Solar solutions for Desalination

Solar desalination replaces or supplements existing systems, providing a renewable energy alternative to meet the demand.

Absolicon technology integrates solar desalination, resulting in a stable energy supply with low emissions.

Huge amounts of energy are needed in desalination industries for the process to be feasible.

This energy supply can be met by various energy sources, the most common raw material being used is oil. To produce 1000 m3 freshwater per day, 10.000 tons of oil per year is required, about 27 tons of oil per day.Desalination oil equivalent

Combining thermal desalination with solar collectors saves both cost and emissions from oil usage and provides a renewable and competitive option for desalination.

Absolicon T160 Solar collector efficiently produces steam up to 160°C, supporting a large fraction of desalination heat demand besides Absolicon always ensures a smart integration with your existing boiler system.

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Examples of Solar thermal desalination applications:

  • Agriculture
  • Drinkable water
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Mining
  • Industrial applications

desalination applications

Major desalination companies around the world aim for energy-efficient, heat supply options, Absolicon provides a turnkey solution using solar collectors, heat recovery tanks, and smart controls.

The largest desalination company in the world, the state-owned Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) in Saudi Arabia has placed an order with Absolicon for a pilot solar collector field.

The purpose is to evaluate Absolicon’s patented solar concentrator T160 for seawater desalination.

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Learn how leading desalination companies are benefiting from solar thermal energy in their production plants:

SWCC Desalination Pilot, Saudi Arabia

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Solar Thermal Energy

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