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Meet the team at Absolicon – Antonio


Hej Antonio! Please tell us some about your background.

“Hi, I am Antonio Fuso, a young environmental consultant born and raised in Bari, Italy. My education took place between vivacious Bari, Turin and the Czech Republic, with some work experience between Taranto and Milan, but I also spent some time in Sweden at Absolicon.”

What did you study and what´s your professional experience?

“I have started my education with marketing in my bachelor’s degree, and later with a master’s degree in environmental economics. I gained two years of experience as a business consultant in the field of corporate social responsibility. During my economic research in Sweden at Absolicon, I cultivated my passion for energy communities through the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs project.”

You were working at Absolcion after you were selected by Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs, tell us more about your business idea.

“My business idea is based on the concept of energy communities, which aim to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to become a producer of renewable energy and actively contribute to the fight against the climate crisis.

My business model intends to guide and advise communities, both private and small and medium-sized enterprises, in the implementation of a fossil-free energy mix, based on the principles of sustainability and social innovation. Through collaboration I will help communities develop local energy projects, which will be managed and controlled by the members themselves, optimising the use of resources and maximising benefits for all.

The real strength of my idea lies in sharing not only energy, but also knowledge, skills and resources among the communities themselves. Through an inclusive approach, I will promote people’s autonomy and empowerment, encourage social cohesion and create a network of solidarity.

My entrepreneurial vision aspires to transform communities into centres of energy innovation, where sustainability is not just an option, but a shared priority. I hope to democratize renewable energy production, helping to reduce energy poverty and providing economic benefits to citizens, as well as promoting greater use of clean energy.”

What was your role in the company and what were your work activities?

“At Absolicon, I worked as a researcher and worked closely with the marketing team to align with the sales activities. I was primarily responsible for creating engaging and informative content to published on the website and social channels. I was also developing my business idea with the support of the CEO Joakim Byström as my mentor.”

How have you been able to develop your business idea during this time and what do you take with you after your stay at Absolicon?

“The experience at Absolicon played a key role in shaping and refining my entrepreneurial vision. Through Joakim’s mentoring, I was able to turn challenges into tangible opportunities for my business project. Specifically, I envisioned the idea of developing a marketplace dedicated to all actors involved in energy communities: citizens looking for a community to join, companies interested in marketing their products, and potential financiers looking to invest in renewable energy generation. Upon returning to Italy, I bring with me the enthusiasm and determination needed to turn this vision into reality.”

What do you expect from global energy demand in the next 10 years?

“Global demand for energy is expected to continue to grow, particularly due to population growth. As a result, the need to reduce the use of fossil sources will be increasingly pressing. In my vision, energy will be more and more distributed and individually managed, enabling citizens to be more conscious of their consumption and promoting energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions and increasing a sense of environmental responsibility.”

 Is there something specific about the Absolicon technology you want to highlight?

Absolicon’s technology is amazing. It is based on readily available materials, is extremely user-friendly, and focuses on continuous technological innovation to ensurer customers’ satisfaction. This is what makes Absolicon such a promising reality in the field of renewable energy.”

Thank you Antonio, what other passions or hobbies do you have?

“Outside of work, I find myself in nature by hiking, and I am an avid reader who immerses himself in all kinds of books. I also spend time volunteering to protect the environment and preserve our cultural heritage. I am an enthusiastic environmental consultant, both at work and in everyday life.”

Would you like to share an aspiration or advice?

“Certainly, an aspiration I hold dear is to see a world where sustainable energy solutions become an integral part of our daily lives, and my advice to all fellow environmental enthusiasts would be to never underestimate the impact of our individual actions on the greater environmental cause. Each small step we take towards a greener future is a giant leap for the planet.”

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