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Solar solutions for District heating

District heating is rapidly expanding in southern Europe and China. Solar energy can be used to reduce the cost of fuel and the CO2 emissions.

To cope with the high temperatures sometimes required in district heating networks, Absolicon solar collectors are equipped with a silver mirror that concentrates the light in a narrow line on a receiver tube filled with pressurized water. The solar panels follow the sun during the day and keep the heat under a protective glass. The solar collectors provide temperatures up to 160 degrees that can be fed directly into the district heating network.

Europe’s largest solar park for district heating

Absolicon is building Europe’s largest district heating-connected solar collector field with  concentrating solar collectors, Högslätten 2023 Solar Thermal Park. When compleated the field can heat up to 160 degrees working temperature. The heat from the solar panels is fed directly into the district heating network.

Investments in solar in district heating networks are also expanding in the rest of the world. In Denmark, they plan to completely switch from natural gas to renewable energy in district heating and expand their solar park by thousands of square meters every year. In China, 7 million square meters of solar heating is planned to be installed before the end of 2020.

Swedish Energy Agency has granted € 800 000 in co-financing to Absolicon’s demonstration plant for large-scale solar heating.

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