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Swedens’s largest concentrating solar collector field for district heating

In Västernorrland, Absolicon is building a unique demonstration facility for large-scale solar district heating. The plant will be Sweden’s largest solar field with small concentrating collectors connected to district heating. The solar collectors are designed to produce up to 160°C working temperature and will provide the district heating network with temperatures up to 120°C.

Case: Högslätten 2023 Solar Thermal Park | Absolicon Solar Collector

Starting in 2020, Absolicon is building Sweden’s largest solar field connected to district heating using concentrating solar collectors, Högslätten 2023 Solar Thermal Park. 

The field will be built next to Absolicon headquarter in Härnösand, Sweden with a land area of 9246 m2 and an aperture area of 3000 m2.

The heat from the solar thermal field has a working temperature between 73°C to 120°C, fed directly into the city district heating network.

The solar heat produced in the park is sold through a heat purchase agreement (HPA) with the local district heating supplier. The plant performance and its system benefits are validated by third parties Research Institute of Sweden (RISE) and Umeå University.

Absolicon headquarter, with an automated production line of concentrators, and the plant together constitute the perfect hub for research and business collaborations on solar thermal technology for industries and district heating.


solar district heating for zero co2 emissions

Together with the local energy company HEMAB, Absolicon has already two installations in the company’s energy park, one connected to the return line and a steam generating system connected to the supply pipe.

In May 2020, the Swedish Energy Agency granted € 800 000, co-financing the Absolicon plant for large-scale solar heating.

The park construction is structured in two phases. The first phase of the project is commissioned for summer 2021.

Learn more about the details of this solar thermal installation by accessing the case-specific data sheet:

Download our datasheet for solar district heating


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