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Swedens’s largest solar collector field for district heating

Starting in 2020, Absolicon is building Sweden’s largest solar field connected to district heating using concentrating solar collectors, Högslätten 2023 Solar Thermal Park.

The field will have a working temperature up to 160 degrees. The field will be built next to Absolicon’s head office in Härnösand, Sweden.

The heat from the solar collectors is fed directly into the district heating network and the field will also function as a demonstration plant for industrial solar heat.

Together with the local energy company HEMAB, Absolicon already has two installations in the company’s energy park, one connected to the return line and a steam generating system connected to the supply pipe.

In May 2020, the Swedish Energy Agency granted € 800 000 in co-financing to Absolicon’s demonstration plant for large-scale solar heating.



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