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Solar solutions for food processing

25% of the global emissions are related to the food industry. With solar, this industry has the choice to be both competitive and reduce CO2 emissions. 

The food and beverage industry is a very heat-intensive industry, with low-temperature applications dominating the energy demand. Several processes require significant heating energy demand and solar heating can be implemented in multiple stages of the food chain. The main heat carrier is low-pressure steam, generally below 5 bar.

Range of applications for solar heating

  • Cleaning
  • Drying
  • Evaporation
  • Distillation
  • Pasteurization
  • Sterilization
  • Cooking
  • Process heat
  • Feedwater heating
  • Cooling

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Industry solutions

The Absolicon T160 Solar collector has multiple areas for implementation in the food processing sector, from agricultural products to food on your table.

In the fruits and vegetable industry, the pasteurization of pulps takes place with the help of steam heating. The pulp is stirred inside a steam jacketed vacuum pan. Generally, the steam is required in the range of 5-7 bar at 110°C for the process.

Slaughtering and meat processing uses the major applications of heating below 100°C.

The seafood processing industry requires almost 70 % of energy for cooling demand.

Absolicon offers a system-wide solution with maximum collector efficiency and reliable plant operation, which can supply heat, steam, and cooling processes with the same system. The highest possible solar system efficiency is achieved by prioritizing low-temperature integrations points.

The incoming air and water can be heated with solar energy prior to the conventional heating supply. This will ensure the highest possible collector efficiency while ensuring that the set temperature of the air or water is reached.

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