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Be a pioneer in solar manufacturing

At Absolicon, we revolutionize the heat supply by developing record-breaking solar technology. Together with Absolicon, you can now be our partner and lead the transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy.

We now offer our production technology and solar collector system to new solar manufacturers all over the world.

Absolicon Production Partners operate a licensed low-cost mass production of Absolicon solar technology with Absolicon´s Production Line, limiting transport costs and adapting material choices to the conditions and supply of the local market.

Our latest solar collector the Absolicon T160, with an operational temperature of up to 160°C heat and 8 bar steam, can supply heat, steam, and cooling to a wide spectrum of processes and industrial segments.

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Absolicon technology offers a system-wide solution with maximum collector efficiency and reliable plant operation to a large number of applications.

Absolicon collectors supply heat, steam, and cooling processes with the same system and the solar heat can be integrated at multiple integration points into the plants existing heating system.

At full production, the Absolicon production line will produce one finished collector every six minutes. Annually this adds up to 50 MW / 100 000 sqm of collectors.

Local production minimizes transports and optimizes the logistics economy of solar collectors. The local production also allows the local supply of material and with Absolicon streamlined collector design, the manufacturing price can be optimized by adapting the material choices to the conditions of the local market.

50 MW / 100 000 sqm annually

Download pdf - Producton line

Worldwide reference installation sites

Born in 2005 as an R&D company in renewable technology, Absolicon has developed over the years into a business company with partners all over the world.

To date, Absolicon counts over a decade of operational experience and an aperture area of more than 6000 m2 in 20 installations worldwide.

The patented Absolicon T160 Solar collector has proven over the years, its capability to reliably supply energy to a wide spectrum of processes in different industrial sectors such as Food and BeverageBreweryTextilePulp and PaperChemicalsDistrictHeatingDesalinationPharmaceuticalsTeaDairyMining.

Together, these installations represent the first steps towards the vision of Absolicon; to revolutionize the energy supply of the world.

We now welcome you to become a member of our ever-growing family.

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