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Global manufacturing of Absolicon solar systems

At Absolicon, our vision is to be a leading part of the transition to renewable solar energy. Together with Absolicon, you can now be a leader in the movement from fossil fuel to green energy.

Our company rests upon a long Swedish research tradition, since the 1970s. We now offer our production technology and solar collector system to new manufacturers all over the world. Together with the Solar Collector, Absolicon has developed a complete production line for our T160, with the capacity to produce one complete Solar Collector every 6 minutes.

Our target is to deploy production lines that supply a local market with high quality Solar Collectors, in order to minimize transports and to optimize the logistics economy of the Solar Collectors. The local production also allows local supply of material and with our streamlined Collector design, the manufacturing price can be optimized by adapting the material choices to the conditions of the local market.

Take a lead in the movement towards green energy.

We now offer the possibility to become an Absolicon partner and renewable energy distributor in your local market. Providing our production line and know how we give you the opportunity to offer Absolicon T160 Solar collector to your local customer, made by you.

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Worldwide reference installation sites

Starting from 2008, Absolicon has installed thousands of square meters of our unique parabolic Solar Collector, at sites all around the world.

We have installed Solar Collectors for many different applications and with a range of different customer groups. We have shown that our Solar Collectors can be used in industrial applications, in large and small heating networks and for Solar cooling. During the years, our Solar Collectors have endured everything from record cold Swedish winters to scorching Indian summers.

Together, these installations represent the first steps towards the vision of Absolicon; to change the energy supply of the world.

We now welcome you to become a member of our ever-growing family.

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