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Absolicon production partnership

At Absolicon, we revolutionize the heat supply by developing record performance solar technology. Together with Absolicon, you can be a leader in the movement from fossil fuel to green energy.

Absolicon production partners operates a licensed low-cost mass production of Absolicon concentrating solar technology, limiting transport costs and adapting material choices to the conditions and supply of the local market. Absolicon T160 has the highest optical efficiency recorded, >76% and an operational temperature of up to 160 oC, supplying heat and steam to a wide spectrum of processes and industrial segments. Today Absolicon have ongoing production collaborations in over 13 countries.

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Half of society’s energy usage is heat

Heat is used to make our everyday products, such as clothes, dairy products, drinks and food. The industrial sector accounts for about 31% of the
world’s total energy consumption. Industries generally rely on an internal energy production, most typically steam boiler systems for heat production. Absolicon solar thermal solutions ensure energy security for industries, reducing CO2 emissions and fossil fuel dependency.


Absolicon technology offers a system wide solution with maximum collector efficiency and reliable plant operation to a large number of applications including textile production, food processing and beverage industry. Absolicon collectors supply heat, steam and cooling processes with the same system and the solar heat can be integrated at multiple integration points to the plants existing heating system.

At full production the Absolicon production line will produce one finished collector every six minutes. Annually this adds up to 50 MW / 100 000 sqm of collectors annually.

Local production minimize transports and optimize the logistics economy of the solar collectors. The local production also allows local supply of material
and with Absolicon streamlined collector design, the manufacturing price can be optimized by adapting the material choices to the conditions of the local market.

50 MW / 100 000 sqm annually.

Worldwide reference installation sites

Absolicon is a business company with more than ten years of operational experience. Starting from 2008, over 6000 sqm of Absolicon unique parabolic solar collector has been installed, at sites all around the world. Today we have ongoing production collaborations in over 13 countries.

We now welcome you to become a member of our ever-growing family.

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